31 Marzo 2023
Holistic Nutrition for dogs & cats
Only the best for your pets


Love for animals is our vocation, their well-being is our goal. Natar offers you only quality products to make your dog and cat happy, starting with our highly selected super premium holistic feeds.

Through its dedicated sales points, Natar® offers a professional service, where experts will be able to advise you to meet your needs and those of your pet, using carefully chosen products.

Our high quality premium products are born from careful studies to meet the needs of your four-legged friends.

Dry food for dogs and cats: Natar Holistic Nutrition

For your pet, we have studied a product of excellence and top quality.
The Natar dry food for dogs and cats is produced with carefully selected Human Grade ingredients and offers a healthy diet designed for their wellbeing.

The dry food of the Natar Holistic Nutrition line for dogs and cats is not common feeds that you can find in one of the many pet shops or supermarket, but it is a food made according to very specific and useful criteria to obtain a healthy and highly digestible, offering a tasty and healthy meal to your pet, your faithful friend.

The tastes of the recipes of our croquettes for dogs and cats are varied, to satisfy even the most demanding palates, and each of them is made with high quality raw materials, essential nutrients and particular attention to some specific needs.

In fact, on the Natar packs you will find, in addition to the ingredients and the nutritional composition, also the symbols that summarize the characteristics of the single product, allowing you a quick choice based on the needs of your pet.
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