31 Marzo 2023
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Natar Holistic Nutrition Dog and Cat
Natar Holistic Nutrition Holistic feeding line for dogs and cats.
The Natar Holistic Nutrition line is made with "human grade" ingredients, following manufacturing processes that do not alter the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients, guaranteeing a healthy product formulated for the well-being of the animal.
Natar Milk & Weaning
Line of specific products for artificial breastfeeding and weaning.
Prepare yourself with the utmost care and attention for proper growth and well-being of puppies and kittens.
Natar Diet Dog and Cat
Line for the dietetic feeding of dogs and cats.
The Natar Diet line is indicated for the reduction of intolerances, reduction of intestinal disorders, control of the supply of nutrients, control of diabetes and other specific pathologies.

Natar Pet Care
Line of wholemeal biscuits made with natural and quality ingredients.
Natar Cookie products, available in various flavors, are prepared by hand and baked in the oven to obtain a completely natural final product for the well-being of the dog.

A holistic diet means a diet that takes into account the many aspects of healthy and correct nutrition. This type of diet minimised the use of chemical compounds in food preparation and instead favours the use of probiotics, vitamins, natural foods and super foods.

Today, Power Holistic food is aimed not only at humas but also to those who are considered part of the family.

Given today's focus on caring for pets, we have developed a natural and complete diet that takes care of their mental and physical well-being and ensures their protection and long life .

The Natar Holistic Nutrition line consists of many different recipes depending on the nutritional needs of the individual and each recipe contains only top quality ingredients, as well as minerals, trace elements, polyphenols, Omega 3 rich olis, FOS, MOS and plant extracts depending on the recipe chosen.

The flavours of Natar products are not only designed to please the palate, but are carefully selected to identify and prevent or resolve certain digestive or allergic problems .

In fact, there is a handy symbol on each package that allow you to quickly recognize and identify a product type:
GrainFree, Hypo Alergenic, Healthy Weight, Vegetarian .

There is also a product dedicated to puppies , containing all those essential nutrients that promote growth and develop strong bones and muscles, healthy and vital systems in harmonious growth; the product is quickly recognised by the Immune Defense symbol .

In addition to the Natar Holistic Nutrition line, Natar has created the Natar Petcare line for dogs and cats, specifically designed to address certain needs of the hair and skin of our four-legged friends. Wheater long hair, short hair, or pure white hair, with Natar Petcare products you will always achieve perfect grooming, guaranteeing, where necessary, treatment for dermatitis and pest control.
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